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We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Volume I – eBook

Wholesale price: $19.99

This book consists of reminiscences by 22 individuals who met and knew Mary Baker Eddy—the Discoverer and Founder of the Christian Science.

Readers will find a more intimate portrait of Eddy than appears in a typical biography, including glimpses into her daily life, relationships, and the spiritual strength and personal sacrifice that underpinned her  accomplishments.

Each author in this volume shares unique and inspiring accounts that often reveal their commitment, dedication, and steadfast Christianity

This expanded edition has 40% more material than previous editions, including four additional accounts. The book includes reminiscences from George Wendell Adams, Julia S. Bartlett, C. Lulu Blackman, Alfred Farlow, Frank Walter Gale, Hermann S. Hering, Calvin C. Hill, Bliss Knapp, Annie M. Knott, John C. Lathrop, Clara Knox McKee, Daisette D. S. McKenzie, Sue Harper Mims, Emma Easton Newman, Mary Godfrey Parker, Annie Louise Robertson, John G. Salchow, Laura E. Sargent, Emma C. Shipman, Mary Stewart, Abigail Dyer Thompson, and Martha W. Wilcox. The book also includes author biographies, photographs, illustrations, endnotes, and an index.

Language: English
Format: eBook
File size: EPUB: 3.3 MB / MOBI: 8 MB
ISBN: 978-0-87510-531-4