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Anthology of Classic Articles II (Audiobook CD)

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A 9 disc audio compilation of healing and inspiring articles from Christian Science magazines about God and His loving relationship with each one of us. Topics covered include church, body, confidence, humility, daily defense.

This popular book is now available in a convenient audio format! Covering 9 1/2 hours, this collection presents audio versions of 42 well-loved articles previously published in either the Christian Science Sentinel or The Christian Science Journal. These uplifting essays about God and His loving relationship with each one of us specifically address current-day needs and concerns such as health, family, business, employment, and more. Selected by a group of Christian Science teachers and practitioners as being particularly helpful in the healing practice, these articles will instruct and inspire you in fresh and relevant ways.

This 9-disc set is packaged in a convenient recycled plastic box with a table of contents inside to enable the listener to easily locate each article. For additional convenience the articles are also listed on the CDs themselves. Each of the fourteen readers on these recordings are teachers of Christian Science. Perfect for listening to in the car, at home, or through your MP3 player.

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Article Author
Accepting the True Report Milton Simon
The Allness of God Blanche Hersey Hogue
Arise and Walk Lucy Hays Reynolds
Being What We Wish to See Expressed Grace Channell Wasson
Changing Consciousness and Evidence Milton Simon
The Christian Science Practitioner Helen Wood Bauman
The Church of Our Choice Corinne Jane Teeter
Confidence Martha Harris Bogue
Daily Defense Madora Holt
Dealing with the Nonproductive Joanne Shriver Leedom
Disarming Animal Magnetism Helen Wood Bauman
Discouragement Louise Knight Wheatley
The Displacement of Dan by Manasseh Caroline Getty
Divine Contentment Heals (poem) Peter J. Henniker-Heaton
Getting the Full Benefit from Christian Science Treatment Corinne Jane Teeter
God's Elect Julia M. Johnston
God's Orbits Julia M. Johnston
How Shall We Think of Our Body? Edward C. Williams
"The human and divine coincidence" Blanche Hersey Hogue
Humility John Richard C. Kenyon
The Importance of "right foot" Treatment Myrtle C. Ayres
Justification Ira W. Packard
Love: :What a word!" L. Ivimy Gwalter
Neither Villains Nor Victims Paul Stark Seeley
No Classification of Diseases Paul Stark Seeley
Only the Father Knoweth the Son Paul Stark Seeley
The Proper Handling of Error J. Woodruff Smith
Replacing Symptoms with Evidence Geoffrey J. Barratt
Resolving "things into thoughts" Harold C. Lewis
The Simplicity and Profundity of Love Mary Sands Lee
Spirit, not Matter, is Substance Ralph E Wagers
The Sun Never Sets Louise Wheatley Cook Hovnanian
"Take Possession of your body" William Milford Correll
This World of Infinite Love Julia M. Johnston
Treat Yourself Daily William Curtis Coffman
Uninterrupted Continuity of Good Anna E. Herzog
The Way of Gethsemane Lucy Hays Reynolds
What of Our Bodies? Ralph E. Wagers
What You Think Counts Milton Simon
"Which one?" Milton Simon
With Drugs, or Without Milton Simon
Withdraw Your Consent Nathan A. Talbot

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