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Anthology of Classic Articles (Audiobook Download)


This collection presents audio versions of 46 well-loved articles previously published in either the Christian Science Sentinel or The Christian Science Journal. 


This popular book is now available in a convenient audio format! Covering 10.5 hours, this collection presents audio versions of 46 well-loved articles previously published in either the Christian Science Sentinel or The Christian Science Journal. These uplifting essays about God and His loving relationship with each one of us specifically address current-day needs and concerns such as health, supply, family, business, employment, and more. Selected by a group of Christian Science teachers and practitioners as being particularly helpful in the healing practice, these articles will instruct and inspire you in fresh and relevant ways. 

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The Activity of the Christ L. Ivimy Gwalter
Ageless Being Juliet Rothschild
All the Way Milton Simon
"As Birds Flying" Margaret Glenn Matters
Being is Unfoldment Mary Sands Lee
Careers Geoffrey J. Barratt
Christ Jesus and True Sonship Nathan A. Talbot
The Christ Science Julia M. Johnston
Church, A Living Power L. Ivimy Gwalter
Blanche Hersey Hogue
The Consistency That Is in Christ John M. Tutt
Crowning the Cross Margaret Morrison
Fidelity Ellen Watt
Freedon from Suffering Inman H. Douglass
"From Zone to Zone" Julia M. Johnston
The Fullness of Joy Rosemary C. Cobham
God's Law of Adjustment Adam H. Dickey
The Great Heart of Infinite Love Louise Hurford Brown
Handling Animal Magentism in Healing E. Vera Gorringe Plimmer
Healing the "Incurable" Geoffrey J. Barratt
I See! Noel D. Bryan–Jones
"I was there" Violet Hay
Identity L. Ivimy Gwalter
Love and Church Renewal DeWitt John
The Office of the Christ Florence C. Southwell
Our Father's Demand––Unself Mortality Paul Stark Seeley
The Passing of the Sea Gull Louise Wheatley Cook Hovnanian
"The pattern of the mount" Julia M. Johnston
Perception Paul Stark Seeley
Possession Adam H. Dickey
The Problem of the Hickory Tree Louise Knight Wheatley
A Recompense of Profit John M. Tutt
Reflection L. Ivimy Gwalter
Right When––Right Then Paul Stark Seeley
Spritiual Prophecy and Its Fulfillment Helen Wood Bauman
"The smell of fire" Louise Knight Wheatley
Supply as Spiritual Reflection L. Ivimy Gwalter
Target Out of Range L. Ivimy Gwalter
"Teach me to love." Louise Knight Wheatley
There Is Hope! John H. Hoagland
Thoughts on Your Business or Profession Milton Simon
"Thy years shall have no end" Kathryn Paulson
True Health L. Ivimy Gwalter
The Truth About Adversity Louise Knight Wheatley Cook
Undisturbed Milton Simon
Wiser Than Serpents John M. Tutt