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Embrace the healing power of hymns with this music CD consisting of 21 beloved favorites from the Christian Science Hymnal. Included here are settings of all seven of Mary Baker Eddy’s hymns, alongside other cherished songs such as “From Sense to Soul,” “In Heavenly Love Abiding,” and “O Dreamer, Leave Thy Dreams for Joyful Waking.” Seven talented singers are featured in performances by a single voice with either piano or organ accompaniment (featuring the organ of The Mother Church). This CD is ready to minister to the hungry heart, providing comfort in the midnight hour, and spiritual inspiration to meet all needs. The musical arrangements are tasteful, and the vocal performances are Soul-filled, providing for a musical product where the healing messages of these hymns really shine through!

The beautiful, environmentally-friendly packaging houses a single CD and a 20-page booklet with track listing, complete lyrics, information about the musicians, alphabtical listing of hymns, and complete attribution and copyright notices.

Featured Musicians:
- Bryan Ashley
- William Burden
- Teddy Crecelius
- Gwen Eagleton
- Désirée Goyette
- Stephen Loher
- Rebecca Minor
- Gregory Rahming
- Ryan Vigil
- Julia Wade

Alphabetical Listing with Hymn Numbers:
- Abide With Me (#7)
- Behold, They Stand in Robes of White (#19)
- Blest Christmas Morn (#23)
- Brood O'er Us (#30)
- From These Thy Children (#66)
- From Sense to Soul (#64)
- God of Creation (#485)
- I Am the Lord (#499)
- I Love Thy Way of Freedom, Lord (#136)
- In Atmosphere of Love Divine (#144)
- In Heavenly Love Abiding (#148)
- It Matters Not (#160)
- Like as a Mother (#174)
- O Dreamer, Leave Thy Dreams (#412)
- O Gentle Presence (#208)
- O May We Be Still and Seek Him (#237)
- O'er Waiting Harpstrings of the Mind (#253)
- Pilgrim on Earth (#278)
- Saw Ye My Saviour? (#298)
- Shepherd, Show Me How to Go (#304)
- Through the Love of God Our Saviour (#350)